Episode 1 – Two Manly Ladies (explicit)

In this episode Johanna Stein and Rebecca Corry talk about getting pear shaped, seeing dad’s junk and general unpleasantries. Enjoy!

A few words from your two manly ladies… Johanna and Rebecca:

“Welcome, brave souls. We’re happy you’re here.

Couple of things: if you are insulted or offended by naughty words, inappropriate conversations about genitalia, vivid descriptions of physical oddities, or women who laugh like men, then you might want to go elsewhere.  Like to a podcast about gardening, maybe.

However, if you are up for those things, then have fun and good luck — it gets a little rough in there.  (We’re Two Manly Ladies… what did you expect?) ”

3 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Two Manly Ladies (explicit)

  1. Ladies I have to say you two remind me of me. You manly ladies are a treat to listen to and I really do hope this goes on for as long as possible. But I will say this…to all the viewers reading this for the love of god don’t eat when listening to them if you have a low constitution. I was currently having dinner when you talked about having experiences listening to your parents having sex and seeing you dad’s wong. But have either of you ever walked in to them actually doing it? I did when I was 14…it was soul destroying. But anyway, can’t wait to hear more and I’ll be patiently waiting for the newest episode. You girls are awesome! :)

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